Money Is a Spiritual Matter

Rosary beads and money

As Christians, we often avoid speaking about money and finances. We shun conversations about money, either because we don’t want to admit our ignorance about financial management — a matter of pride, shame or fear — or because we believe money is evil, that any interest in money is rooted in greed.

These attitudes only perpetuate poor money management and, in many cases, contribute to financial stress. Sadly, there are lots of broke Christians out there due to pride, shame, fear or a false belief about the moral character of money.

Let’s face it: Money impacts all aspects of our lives — from where we live, to what we eat, how we will retire and how generous we can be in helping those in need. 

Some Christians even look down on those concerned about money and finances. Feigning superiority, they believe financial concerns pertain to this world alone and are beneath them as they walk their spiritual path.

And yet, an inability to deal with money properly can be a huge obstacle in living the life God intends for you. I know more than a few people who were refused entry into a religious community — what they believed to be their vocation — due to their student loan debt!

Instead, money is a deeply spiritual matter, including:

… how we earn it.
… how we spend it.
… how we save it.
… how we invest it.
… how we manage it.
… and how we give it away.

This is why money is spoken of more often in the Bible than love! God knows that money is a huge obstacle for so many of us, one we trip over, one that can lead us to sin and to great strife in our families and relationships. So, he fills the Bible with wise counsel on how to save and invest, how to avoid debt, and how to manage our relationships with others when it comes to money matters. He also teaches us how to relate to money, with detachment, as a tool to bring about the Kingdom, while keeping our eyes on heaven.

Our feelings around money are intense and budgeting can only do so much to help bring a sense of calm about our finances. We also have to work at our relationship with money, which is fundamentally the work of building up our relationship with God, our trust in him, and our detachment from the message in our culture that our value is in our material possessions. We need to learn to manage money according to biblical principles to provide for our families well, and to help build up the Kingdom. All of this is profoundly spiritual work. Christians should be concerned about finances!

So, as you work through your financial situation, reflect on your spiritual beliefs about money:

  • Do you believe money is evil or dirty? 
  • Do you believe being concerned about money is shallow? 
  • Do you talk to God about your money, beyond asking him for more? 
  • Have your negative spiritual beliefs about money prevented you from learning about how to manage your finances responsibly and effectively? 
  • How could you help build the Kingdom of peace and justice if you stewarded your money better?

Invite God into your financial journey and ask him to purify your relationship with money, so you can live the life of peace, joy and generosity he intended for you.

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