About Laura Ieraci

CEO & founder

Laura has been working and volunteering in church settings for the past 30 years, including in faith formation, social justice, retreat planning, program development, volunteer training and communications.

Laura Sitting

In 2018, Laura’s work in ministry took a major turn when she learned that the primary reason for divorce among couples in the United States is financial stress. Moved by this statistic and the broken families in her community, Laura became a certified financial coach.

As a Ramsey Preferred Coach, Laura has coached numerous couples on how to get out of debt and stay out of debt. Her coaching, based on biblical principles, also includes budgeting, building wealth and leaving a legacy. On her own, she developed “The Money & Marriage Workshop,” a daylong program that teaches couples how to identify their money habits, communicate about money and come together on their financial goals.

She also speaks about money and marriage, personal finance, stewardship and social justice issues at conferences and retreats. Previously, she taught theology at the high school and university levels.

On weekends, Laura enjoys working with her husband, who pastors a Byzantine Catholic church in Whiting, Indiana, and daydreaming with him about new ways to witness together to the Gospel.

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