Live Your Best Life

Life can be hard, so hard we forget we were created for a life of abundance. 

AVIVA Ministry and Coaching is committed to offering those ready to embrace abundance the tools and support they need for purposeful and peaceful living.

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Coaching in Personal Finance

Confidential one-on-one coaching in personal finance teaches and supports couples and individuals seeking to make positive changes and achieve financial peace in their lives. 

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“The Money & Marriage Workshop”

This course teaches fundamental biblical principles of personal finance, how to communicate about money and how to manage finances. Good for newlyweds, seasoned couples, couples at risk and those simply seeking better ways to improve their finances.

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Courses, Retreats & Speaking Events

Offering engaging and thoughtful content for your Catholic retreat, course, conference or marriage preparation program. Also see upcoming courses and events.

From Our Clients

Rosary beads and money

Money Is a Spiritual Matter

As Christians, we often avoid speaking about money and finances. We shun conversations about money, either because we don’t want to admit our ignorance about financial management – a matter of pride, shame or fear – or because we believe money is evil, that any interest in money is rooted in greed. These attitudes only … Read more

A woman budgeting with calculator and charts

Budgeting That Works

Have you been trying to put a budget together month after month, but it always feels tight? Or do you keep coming up short at the end of the month? Budgeting that works allocates spending to different budget categories proportionally. Like other aspects in life, financial success is a matter of balance and focus. For … Read more