Bring Your Brand to Life

AVIVA Media and Communications is passionate about growing your nonprofit organization’s mission — and bottom line — through powerful storytelling and strategic communications.

With 20+ years of international multimedia and communications experience, AVIVA can put your organization’s story in front of your target audience with clarity, confidence and elegance. Time is of the essence when you’re growing your nonprofit; make sure your story is told right the first time around.

AVIVA Media & Communications grows the reach, visibility and impact of nonprofit organizations through storytelling, editing and strategic communications that make a mark and position the organization in front of its desired audience.

AVIVA is especially committed to promoting Christian journalism, communications and storytelling through a variety of media projects and programs, including documentary film, seminars and workshops.

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Want to make an impact?

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Editing & Proofreading

Nothing says “smart and professional” like clean, well-written copy. Our outstanding editing, copyediting and proofreading services are available for all of your publishing needs, from website content to annual reports, speeches, technical manuals, newsletters and books.

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Meaningful Storytelling

Your story is your brand, so make sure you’re telling it well. Trust our award-winning team to draw out and write meaningful stories about your organization’s mission and impact. Telling your compelling story is your most important communications strategy for growth.

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Strategic Communications

All success starts with a plan. Our team assesses your organization’s communications practices and objectives and establishes a strategic plan that will put your communications efforts on track to advance your organization’s mission.

From Our Clients

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Communicate for Community

One common mistake I see regularly on social media is organizations that communicate solely about themselves. They will only share their organization’s news, achievements, upcoming events, blog posts, special offers and announcements. While the goal of an organizational website is to communicate about the organization – its mission, vision, history, team, achievements, etc. – too … Read more

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Beyond Tech & Tools

Here is a paradox: The communications department can be the most misunderstood department in an organization.  Too often, an organization’s leaders reduce communications to the management of tools, such as social media, media production and websites, or to media relations, which is primarily a public relations function.   When given the space to fulfill its … Read more