Rosary beads and money

Money Is a Spiritual Matter As Christians, we often avoid speaking about money and finances. We shun conversations about money, either because we don’t want to admit our ignorance about financial management — a matter of pride, shame or fear — or because we believe money is evil, that any interest in money is rooted … Read more

People on phones interacting on social media

Communicate for Community One common mistake I see regularly on social media is organizations that communicate solely about themselves. They will only share their organization’s news, achievements, upcoming events, blog posts, special offers and announcements. While the goal of an organizational website is to communicate about the organization — its mission, vision, history, team, achievements, … Read more

A woman budgeting with calculator and charts

Budgeting That Works Have you been trying to put a budget together month after month, but it always feels tight? Or do you keep coming up short at the end of the month? Budgeting that works allocates spending to different budget categories proportionally. Like other aspects in life, financial success is a matter of balance … Read more

Plant growing with care

Beyond Tech & Tools Here is a paradox: The communications department can be the most misunderstood department in an organization.  Too often, an organization’s leaders reduce communications to the management of tools, such as social media, media production and websites, or to media relations, which is primarily a public relations function.   When given the … Read more