The Religion & Journalism Project

The Religion & Journalism Project is a special initiative of AVIVA Media & Communications that seeks to encourage dialogue and raise awareness among journalists and other media professionals about reporting on religion.

Religion plays an important part in the lives of the majority of individuals in North America — more than 65% of the population in both Canada and the United States claims affiliation with one of the world’s major religions — and in society at large. Religion is a social and historical fact that impacts numerous areas in society. However, if religion isn’t avoided altogether by journalists, it is often covered as either a source of social discord or as a phenomenon on the fringe.

The Religion & Journalism Project creates spaces for journalists and media professionals to discuss and reflect on the value of religion journalism and the various aspects of reporting on religion. It elevates the conversation about religion among media professionals and offers opportunities for journalists to develop their skills in covering religion.

The first collaboration for AVIVA’s Religion & Journalism Project is an eight-week online program with the St. Monica Institute in Toronto, called “Telling Truth in Charity: Introduction to Catholic Journalism.” Register here.

Be sure to check in occasionally for updates on The Religion & Journalism Project.