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“Laura Ieraci has been collaborating with our foundation since 2013 and, thanks to her expertise and creativity, has helped us make our activities and mission more visible on social media, also by adding Facebook and Twitter to our channels of communication. By helping create an effective communications plan and fine-tuning content, we have been able to target the audience most interested in our work.”

You will not find a better editor. Laura Ieraci does excellent work. She is creative, efficient, and quick. You can trust her completely with your projects.”

“Laura is extremely competent and professional with a gift for drawing out and prioritizing the goals of a project. She raises the standard by infusing communication with passion and love for the audience.”

“As English is not my first language, I needed an editor who could make my 200-page book manuscript clear, intelligible and grammatically correct, however preserving some of my stylistic nuances. Laura Ieraci did this with excellence and professionalism.”

“Laura has been a dependable and insightful communications consultant, who quickly grasped the unique context and varied stakeholders of our mission-driven work. She has consistently contributed to our communications operations by providing insights through communications analysis, narrating the stories of our impact through expert interviews with stakeholders – from our largest donors to students and faculty – and by advancing our brand nationwide through expert communication support.”

“Laura masters the art of reporting and interviewing. She excels in the way of telling a story, of giving the floor to the people interviewed, of summarizing the arguments, issues and facts with rigor, respect and honesty. There is no such thing as a small topic or a person without a story to tell for this great journalist! As an editor, it is a gift to work with Laura: Texts are delivered on time, according to the requested length, without mistakes or typos! Is there anything better?”