“Gypsy Priest”

“All too often you have been the object of prejudice and harsh judgments … As a result, we are all poorer in humanity.”

- Pope Francis, Address to the Gypsy community in Kosice, Slovakia, Sept. 14, 2021

Gypsies are among the most marginalized groups in Europe. The discrimination and prejudice they face is well known — documented in scores of films, books and articles — and much has yet to be done to remedy the injustices faced by this community. These media cast Gypsies as victims; other media reinforce long-held stereotypes of Gypsies.

In “Gypsy Priest,” Laura Ieraci travels to Hungary to document a very different, under-represented reality of Gypsies as a people of profound spirituality and faith in God.

gypsy priest video shootIt tells the story of the friendship between Fr. Miklos Soja, a Greek Catholic priest, and the Gypsy community during communist Hungary, and how it inspired a national and comprehensive ministry among this community of faith.

In “Gypsy Priest,” members of the Gypsy community share their faith in their own words, the role faith plays in their lives, and the ways in which they are taking the development of their community in hand.

“Gypsy Priest” is produced by AVIVA Media & Communications, with partial funding from the Catholic Communications Campaign of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. This is Laura’s third documentary.

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